Shobad Residential

Date: Spring 2019
Location: Kahnooj,Kerman
Area: 450m^2

According to the project site location, the idea was formed by examining the region’s climate and climate conditions. Because the climate in the area is very hot, the cool breeze blows in at night and is of high value to the locals, with even a movie theater in that city named after Shobad. Therefore, in order to pay homage to this nocturnal wind (shobad), the overall shape of the structure has been softened to minimize friction with the impact of this wind.The project was designed as a duplex unit utilizing the intricacies of Iranian architecture with closed courtyards and the use of Iranian brick materials.The interior design of the project seeks to separate the public and private spaces and provide each with the necessary services. There is also a large enclosed terrace that sits on the first floor where the front porches of the home are returned and the indoor and outdoor space. Made each other connected.Given that the employer has been requesting the construction of a shop on the fringe of the street, relying on economic considerations, this has also emphasized the introversion of the home in terms of economic issues.

Softwares: sketchup –autocad – photoshop – twinmotion

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