Jewelry store

Date: janury 2017
Location: Tehran – Iran
Area: 18m^2

In this project, an attempt has been made to implement a design in the main facade, in addition to attracting the audience’s attention, to give a worthy response to the jewelry store, which has an ornamental nature. Therefore, we considered creating a turning point and continuity as the main idea and creating a specific and balanced geometry as a complement to our design.
The combination of standard colors and appealing lighting plays a vital role in elevating the aesthetics of a shop design! Incorporating the color purple to attract attention and utilizing purple velvet to establish a chic and contemporary ambiance are key elements that define this modern design. Moreover, the inclusion of classic and glossy hues stimulates the customers’ desire for buying and sell. The use of luxurious pendant lights, as well as the use of hidden light in showcases, have created a unique look for products.


Designers: Amirmasoud Pendar – Sedigheh Salehi
Softwares:  3dsMAX –Autocad – Vray – Photoshop

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