Kolahdooz Apartment Residential

Date: September 2017 – 2019
Location: Mashhad – Iran
Area: 2200m^2

It was a residential project, an apartment in the economic category, which I was involved in as one of the projects in its various parts, including implementation and design by the 150 building design office and Tisa Toos construction company. At first, I was engaged in architectural drawings by 150 Design Office, and then I was employed by Tisa Tos Construction Company in the field of project implementation. In this project, I gained a lot of experience in the field of construction and implementation issues of projects, and I gained the ability to implement a construction project and deep implementation concepts.

I checked various parts of the work with engineers and contractors during implementation and referred the necessary items for correction with suitable solutions. This project included a basement floor with parking for 12 cars, its floors included an entrance lobby and 12 residential units and warehouses on the roof. Floors were accessed by stairs and elevators. In the design of the maps, I was looking for a suitable arrangement for the users for a residential unit, spatial standards and optimal spatial qualities. The maps were generally designed in accordance with Mashhad city planning regulations and the laws of the Iranian engineering system.

Design: Amir Masoud Pendar

Softwares: Autocad – Photoshop – Sketchup

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