Medical treatment clinic

Location: Mashhad, Iran
Size: 250 square meters
Year: 2022

This project was a renovation and redesign work to change the use from a warehouse to a traditional medicine clinic center. The main challenge related to this project was to comply with the rules and regulations related to the design of treatment spaces and the correct arrangement of the plan. So that the needs of a traditional medicine-therapy service center and the client’s wishes regarding interior design are met. This project has different departments, including reception and waiting room, doctor’s room, massage room, pharmacy and warehouse, resuscitation room, exercise room. In the initial visit, it was observed that the body of the walls was made of stone, so it was suggested to the employer to restore the body stones by sanding again in order to preserve the material and reduce the costs, and modernize the walls by using golden strips. These gold and steel strips were placed in different sections in the heart of the existing wall stones.
Principle archticet: AmirMasoud Pendar
Associates: Mehdi Shariati
Rendering: Benjamin Ahmadi

Software: AutoCAD – Sketchup – Photoshop – Corona Render

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