Kitchen design

Drawing and Rendering
year : 2022
As career project

This project was the continuation of designing a complex of 12 residential units in Kolahdouz. In this section, the interior design of the ground floor kitchen is discussed.
At first, the triple triangle of the kitchen (refrigerator, oven, sink) was included in the initial plans for the placement of the facilities, and then the design of the cabinets and their shape and quality were determined according to the placement of pipes and electrical outlets. This kitchen is designed as an open plan and uses an island table. The materials used are veneered wood and shiny ceramics installed in the body between the cabinet. The part of the dishwasher and washing machine were designed in the side wall next to the sink in order to prevent the view from the hall side. Also, considering that the kitchen does not have natural ventilation, it was suggested to use a hood with a capacity of 200 watts and a suction power of 800 cubic meters per hour. Also, all the dimensions are meant in a standard and practical way.
The harmony and integrity of the design in the form of a classic design is considered visually in this project.

Software: Autocad – Sketchup – Photoshop – Corona Rendar
Design – 2d Drawing and 3d modeling : Amir Masou Pendar
Rendar : Benjamin Ahmadi

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