Abarde Villa

Location: Abardeh-Mashhad-Iran
Area: 350 square meters
Spring 2021

This project is located in the mountainous summer area outside of Mashhad. A villa project for the use of summer recreation by the family. The view and view of this project is one of its important points, as well as paying attention to topography and access and respect for privacy are among the things that were taken into account during the design.
Due to the fact that the site has a steep slope, the mass was placed downstream so that access to the building would not be a problem, on the other hand, the green space and the garden were placed upstream so that it would not have visual aristocracy due to the neighbors on the sides. This building is a two-story building, the first floor has a hall and a kitchen, and the upper floor has a small living room and a bedroom. Swimming pool, open garden, fireplace and other services are located in the upper part of the site.
The use of open spaces and focusing on the open horizon and views are among the things that have been focused on. On the other hand, working with ramps, leveling and building platforms and defining vertical accesses have been serious challenges of this project.


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